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Solution-Focused Substance Abuse Treatment

Solution Focused Substance Abuse Treatment Teri Pichot Sara Smock

Solution-Focused Substance Abuse Treatment describes the standard of care for substance abuse treatment, demonstrates how Solution-Focused Brief Therapy exceeds this standard, and shows how it can effectively be used in substance abuse evaluation, case management, and both individual and group treatment. Beginning and advanced concepts are provided to address the questions of even the most advanced clinician, all placed in the context of cultural awareness.

Most importantly, the author answers the many questions professionals may have about how Solution-Focused Brief Therapy can be successfully integrated into the field of substance abuse. It provides a thorough understanding of the issues that therapists face when working with this at times challenging population, and demonstrates how the use of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy can minimize power struggles and enhance client success. Sample forms and handouts are included, as are additional resources for effective evaluation and treatment.

“This book is an important contribution to the fields of solution-focused therapy and substance abuse treatment. The author shares many years of solution-focused experience with substance abuse treatment and offers a well thought-out approach to dealing with complex social and legal systems in a solution-focused way.”
  - Harry Korman, MD, child and adolescent psychiatrist and family therapist in private practice in Malmö, Sweden; author of Talk About a Miracle  
“Comprehensive in scope and practical in application, this book will enable practitioners to effectively meet the increasing demands within both public agency and private practice contexts for successful, evidence-based treatment outcomes while maintaining the integrity of the therapeutic process.”
  - Charlie Johnson, LCSW, co-author of Recrafting a Life and founder of  
“This book is chock-full with lessons learned, clinical examples, and clear explanations that will resonate with any clinician who works with people with substance abuse problems. Thoroughly and completely grounded in the complexities of real-world problems, this book will enhance the practice of anyone wanting to provide optimal care for their clients.”
  - Cynthia K. Hansen, PhD, clinical psychologist