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Transformation of the Heart: Tales of Therapy Dogs' Profound Impact on their Humans

Therapy dogs are becoming increasingly common in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and many other settings throughout our communities. Everywhere these well trained, working dogs go, they attract interest from those of all ages. People smile at the sight of them, and many gather to interact with the animals as they work their magic. While these dogs spark countless miracles in the lives of those with whom they visit, there is an untold story in the heart of every therapy dog. We frequently hear about how therapy dogs touch the people they visit, however, we rarely hear how the therapy dog touches his or her own human partner. This engaging, heart warming book is written in an easy-to-read style and tells the stories of 18 therapy dogs. Each story not only tells the tale of how the therapy dog helps the people he or she visits, but equally important, tells the story of how the therapy dog heals the soul of his or her handler.

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Publisher: Routledge

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